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Longarm Quilting Request

Quilting Order Form

The Quilting Nerd is excited to partner with you in creating your

  • Edge to Edge (2.0 per square inch.)

  • Custom Quilt (5 cents per square inch) or

  • Quilt Repair journey!

There is a minimum start price of $50 for any quilting. Please note that the batting and backing MUST be 10 inches wider than width and length of your quilt top.

Once you submit the order for, I will contact you to confirm the details and then I will send you an invoice which is payable online.  If you have any questions or concerns please call or text me at 501-914-9221.


Thank you for the opportunity to add the finishing stitches to your beautiful quilt! Please ensure you go here and select your Quilt Design Name BEFORE completing the following Quote Request Form - the NAME of your Design Pattern is needed in order to accurately provide your quote!

Let's Get Quilting ...with your details below!

Let's Get a Quilt Price Quote
PLEASE click to go here and select your Quilt Design Name BEFORE completing this Quote Request Form!
Batting Choices :: Please Note :: Extra batting is needed for loading on the longarm, 10 inches will be added to the width and length of your quilt top.
Optional Binding Service :: Example: for option Halfsie @ .15 cents … Quilt top measures W 45”x L 60”{ (45 + 60) x 2) = 210 linear inches x .15 = $31.50

Thanks! We'll send you a price quote shortly.


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The Quilting Nerd loves to share your quilting journey with others to inspire others and spread our love of quilting. May I share pictures of your quilting project on my social media pages?

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